In the Bouncy Castle of Your Heart

An original play by AGCT Resident Writer Briana Sprecher-Kinneer.  Performs at the Fort Collins Fringe Festival on September 5, 2014 at 6:50 PM at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Dome Theatre, 408 Mason Court in Fort Collins, CO.

Synopsis: Julia is almost on the endangered list, and Will just doesn’t get it. It’s up to a barista/ muse to save their marriage.

In the Bouncy Castle of Your Heart
Script and Lyrics, Direction by Briana Sprecher-Kinneer
Music by Dan Tschirhart

Cast List

  • Dr. William Braun: Dan Tschirhart
  • Julia Braun: Jessica Crow
  • Moon Dancer/ Jaime, Brenda: Susanna Eve
  • Officer, ER Doctor, Neat Freak, Jason/ Sun Splasher: Cary Klataske
  • Nash Braun: Ivan Austin-Groen
  • Mom, Connie, Cleaning Lady: Kate Austin-Groen
  • Stage Directions: Briana Sprecher-Kinneer